Frequently Asked Questions

We walk! Our venues are about a short 10 minute walk between each place, so rather than waste your precious time loading and unloading a cramped bus, our professional party hosts chant, cheer, and walk with you to the next club. Worried about getting separated from the group? It's pretty hard to lose 50-200 party people making their way to the next club and we will have LA Epic party hosts positioned on the streets to ensure you are guided from each venue in a fun and safe manner.... but worse case scenario, give our host a call or text at (702) 994-9427 and we'll tell you where we are at!
If you arrive a little late, that is fine; however, you must arrive prior to leaving the first venue (approximately 9:15pm) in order to partake in the evening's club crawl. If you've JUST missed us at the first venue, please text us at (702) 994-942 and we'll see what we can do!
LA Epic Club Crawls will give everyone a 10-minute and 5-minute warning as to our departure from that club. Afterwards the LA Epic Las Vegas party hosts will come around and inform you just as we are about to move on and continue our club hop. Our party hosts are always in the clubs, so if you have any questions feel free to ask us anything.
We arrive to our last venue at approximately 1:30am. The clubs stay open until 5/6am so go crazy and have an epic night out!
LA Epic Club Crawls is for everyone at least 21 years of age. We entertain singles, couples, birthdays, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, special events parties, locals, and tourists from all over the world!!! Come alone or come with friends, everyone is welcome!
LA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegas can accommodate over 300 people on each party tour and can run more than one tour simultaneously in one night. That being said, there is no limit; however if you have a large group, be sure to contact our group booking specialist at info@laepicclubcrawls.com .
LA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegas follows the terms and conditions of entry for each nightclub and clearly states all that information on our terms and conditions. Appropriate clothing must be worn. Dress to impress. This includes, for men: no sleeveless shirts; no jerseys; no hats; no printed (graphic) T-shirts; no shorts; no ripped jeans; no running shoes; enclosed shoes must be worn; no baggy clothes. Button up shirt, nice jeans, and nice shoes are highly suggested. This includes, for women: no flip-flops; no running shoes; no Uggs; no graphic tees, no ripped jeans. Cocktail dress, heels or flats are highly suggested. Our Epic Tip for females is bring a spare pair of flats in our purse for the walksin between so you can dance all night in your heels when your'e in a club. Venue reserves the right to deny entry due to non-compliance of dress code.
You must have on you at all times photo identification in 100% English, like a US Drivers license or any kind of passport. Photo copies of ID's are insufficient. An Epic Tip: It is always good to have another form of ID with your full name on it like a credit/debit card.
Yes, you will be asked for identification at every nightclub. Each nightclub has it's own security and must follow state and federal laws regardless of your affiliation with the club crawl. Don't worry, we even get carded and we host the crawls!
LA Epic Club Crawls Las Vegas is the most epic night out you will ever have! We provide an easy and organized club hopping tour of Las Vegas' best nightclubs. Our fully trained and professional club crawl hosts will take you to the best Sin City nightclubs, leading you by foot from club to club. It is a premier nightlife tour. All you need to do is meet us at our first venue with your LA Epic Club Crawl ticket, check in and party alongside all the club crawlers as well as your party hosts from night club to night club!
Yes, you can pay at the door; however, it is a sell out event and there may no longer be tickets available at the door. Please note, online promo codes do not apply on door sales. To ensure your space please book ahead of time on our website.
LA Epic Club Crawls is a very social event. Come alone and make new friends! You won't be the only one there on your own and it most definitely is not weird at all! Don't be shy, join us to partake in an epic experience of a lifetime! Epic Tip tell the hosts you're by yourself and they will introduce you to everyone.
If you purchased online, please be green and use your smartphone instead. We prefer to save paper and use the awesome technology available to us today! If you do not have access to a smartphone or printer, you can always tell us your name at the door and we can look up your booking for you.
Most definitely! Just give us a call prior to the start of the club crawl and we'll be happy to reschedule the date for you.
Unfortunately, tickets are not refundable as agreed upon in the terms and conditions. We can, however, reschedule your ticket to another date if that is more suitable.
Encore Beach Club
XS Nightclub
Senor Frogs
The Other Room
Intrigue Nightclub
Surrender Nightclub
Hooters Pool
Wet Republic
Daylight Pool
Liquid Pool Party
Carlos 'N Charles's
Lily Bar and Lounge  
TBA (to be announced)
Flamingo Pool
Sapphire Pool
Double Barrel
Rehab pool party
Ultra Lounge
PBR Rockbar
Budweiser Beer Park
Foundation Room
Coyote Ugly
Sake Rok Bar
Fat Bar
Cabo Wabo
1OAK Nightclub
The Bank
Hyde Nightclub & Lounge
Marquee Day Club
Drai's Beach Club
Drai's Nightclub

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